Sewing Machine Repair & Service

Sewing is an excellent activity for people of all ages—it's fun, engaging, and therapeutic. Whether you are restoring something or stitching your own masterpieces, there are countless things you can create with your sewing machine. But there is nothing more frustrating than dealing with a broken sewing machine in the middle of sewing activity. So when you notice your machine is acting odd or doesn't seem to be working correctly, it's time to get it repaired by sewing machine repair experts at Grand Lake Sew & Vac center in Oakland, CA.

We specialize in repairing and servicing sewing machines of all makes, models, and manufacturers. Leveraging the best tools and decades of experience, our exceptionally well-trained staff can quickly diagnose problems, determine solutions, and execute repairs with a high level of accuracy. Bring your home-use models or commercial use machines at our sewing machine store and experience high-quality repairs paired with friendly customer service & quick turnaround times. Our services include.

Sewing Machine Repair

sewing machine repair

Sewing machines develop a multitude of problems, ranging from simple to complicated. Stripped gears, timing belts not moving correctly, hook breaks, shafts loosening up, bushings breaking, needle bars being misaligned, and electronics board failures are some that you might encounter in your sewing machine. At Grand Lake Sew & Vac, we can diagnose and repair any faults that may occur in your machine. We believe that sewing enthusiasts shouldn't have to deal with shipping their machines to the manufacturer and waiting weeks for returns. So we'll fix your broken appliance in-store and get it back to you quicker than your expectations. Get it checked and obtain a free quote for repairs at our sewing machine shop in Oakland, CA.

Sewing Machine Service

sewing machine service

Regular maintenance of your sewing machines by a professional minimizes wear on their components, and ensures that it's able to perform optimally at all times. Grand Lake Sew & Vac is an authorized service center for all top brands including Janome. Our sewing machine maintenance service is performed by professionals who have years of experience working with a variety of machines from old-fashioned ones to the latest computerized models. We'll perform an in-house inspection and make whatever adjustments are necessary to ensure your sewing machine lives up to its full potential. Customers from all over the East Bay Area can bring their sewing machines to our store in Oakland to make them feel like new again.

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